End of 2015 season.

Weather has been pretty bad, but the final moose hunt ends today. Its still a bit of a scramble to get everything at the lodge winterized, but when things slow down I will get pictures uploaded for the final two moose/bear hunts.

First moose hunt of 2015

Alaskan resident Jeff Johnston returns again for another successful moose hunt at DevilsMountainLodge.

Last Dall Sheep hunter of the year.

Had some technical difficulties on the website, but I finally got the photos from the last Dall Sheep hunt of the season on the 2015 season page.

Completed Dall Sheep Hunt

Here are some pictures from the most recent completed hunt .

Update for hunts in progress

Update on hunt status

Updated the 2015 season page

Next hunter arrives

Jeff and Jess Rose start grizzly bear hunt soon.

First completed hunt of 2015

See the 2015 season page for photos.

2015 Hunting season starting soon

Our internet service is pretty slow this year and it’s making it difficult to update the website, but I hope to have the 2015 hunting season starting information up soon.

End of the 2014 hunting season.

The last hunter left the lodge today. So the 2014 hunting season is officially completed. See the final results on the 2014 season page.


Isaac Ellis:

“Sorry I am a bit late updating this, but I finally have the photos from this years spring Brown Bear hunts on the 2014 season page.”

Also have 3 new Moose hunts in progress.

September 14, 2014

New completed dall sheep hunt on the 2014 season page.