Location of Sheep Hunting Area:
Wrangell Mountains
Nutzotin Mountains
Within the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the north side
We have a special concession permit to hunt within park

Hunting Method:
Hunts are 10 days
One on one unless you specify otherwise
Fly out to spike camps, airstrips at sheep camps are generally at higher elevations
The camps consist of tents complete with heaters, cots, and cook stove. Food is provided.

When are Sheep Hunts Available?
August 10 – September 20

Topography of hunting areas:
Starting out from camp there can be uneven ground (tundra tussocks) and brush
Rocky rivers, could have to cross numerous times as you make your way up
Mountainous terrain, steep inclines, loose rock, boulders, shale, moss covered rock

General recommendation for level of physical fitness required:
You must be able to traverse uneven ground of tundra tussocks, and be able to climb steep inclines.
Cannot be afraid of heights or have vertigo
There may be stream crossings, the rivers are cold and fast.
There may be boulders, rocky ground.
The better shape you are in, the better the chances are that you will get your game.

Transportation to and from the hunting area:
Transportation to and from the field is supplied by small Piper aircraft, Supercubs.

It is your responsibility to get to the main camp of Nabesna.
You will need to rent a car and drive to Nabesna from either Fairbanks or Anchorage,
about a 300 mile drive from either city.

Type of gun you should bring:
A rifle that you can shoot 350 yards or better with
We highly recommend you bring a gun that you are comfortable shooting.
Bringing an older, reliable rifle is much preferred over a new, untested one.


How many bullets should I bring?:
You should bring at least two boxes.
We have a shooting range on our property to test fire your rifle when you arrive. Due to the nature of airline luggage handling these days, it is likely they are less than kind to objects resembling gun cases.

Typical distance for shot:
There is of course nothing typical in hunting, but you can expect your shot for a sheep to be between 250-400 yards.


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