General information about sheep hunting

Throughout the years we have had an high success rate for Dall sheep.  Having an area with one of the best Dall sheep populations in the state, we have developed the knowledge and expertise to get where the sheep are.  Many non-hunting days have been cut from the hunt because of the ability to land our airplanes in key locations high in the mountains where the camps are located.

Be prepared for high altitudes and fairly steep slopes on a sheep hunt.  Hunts are planned as carefully as possible, and care is taken to try and stay out of unsafe conditions, and our clients are not pushed beyond reasonable capabilities.  That being said,  it is important to be in as good physical condition as possible before coming hunting.  Although we try our best to make each hunt as short a hike as possible, game is unpredictable and one must be able to cover some country without becoming incapacitated.

It is generally recommended that a .243 or 300 be used for sheep hunting, or the rifle you are most comfortable shooting 250-300 yards with.  The important factor in a successful hunt is being proficient with the rifle you choose to bring.  Know where the bullet is hitting at different yardages, from 100 to 400 yards.  If the rifle is one that you have been using for many years, chances are you won’t have any trouble.  We do have a shooting range to get sighted in before going into the field.

If you are in moderately good condition and can shoot straight, we believe we can get you a nice full curl or heavy broomed trophy Dall ram that you can be very proud of.  Average horn size is around 35″ with 12 1/2 to 13″ bases.  Occasionally we take one or two sheep that are from 38 to 40+ inches. 

Clothing should be comfortable for climbing and boots well broken in.  A sheep hunt is not the place to break in a new pair of boots!  Certainly you may bring what you want in the way of gear, but all of your gear should fit in your frame style backpack due to weight restrictions and space limitations in our bush planes.  Someone will be flying in to check on your camp every two to three days (as weather conditions permit) and can bring anything you might need additionally. You can bring a satellite phone if you would like to have additional communication. They can be rented fairly easily these days.

Our sheep hunts are booked for 10 days to allow for bad weather.  Great care is taken to set up the hunts and we feel we’ve done our job if we get you a decent shot on a respectable ram.  It is not recommended to pass up game, as another opportunity may not present itself.  Most clients are filled out within four to five days.  The remaining time man be used to visit other parts of our beautiful state if you wish.

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