Moose Hunting General Information

The Alaskan Yukon Moose is one of the greatest trophies to be had.

They are not the big dumb animals people have been led to believe.  They are extremely cunning and elusive, so when a 60″ bull moose is bagged it is truly something to be proud of.

We look for heavy palms and good eye-guards.  Most of our moose are heavy antlered, averaging from 57-62″.   Be prepared to do some sitting. Glassing is done from high ridges or tree stands. 

The terrain is tundra, tussock humps, and not easy walking.  Comfortable, warm, form-fitting waterproof boots are required.  There may already be snow cover by this time, but it will be wet, regardless.  There are many good waterproof clothing lines available now, so bring what has worked for you.  Dressing in layers has always worked well, to adjust to the level of activity and/or temperature of the moment.  Don’t forget a warm hat and gloves!  A large caliber rifle is recommended, such as a 300, 338 or 375, with some penetrating power to get through that thick moose hide at a vital spot.

Some of the moose camps have warm, dry cabins to retire to at the end of a hard day’s hunting.  Count on rising early and staying out late for a successful  hunt.  All of our guides are experienced in the care of trophies.  Trophies and meat will be flown back to Nabesna.  It will then be the decision of the client as to whether to take the trophy home with him or leave it with us to transport to D & C Expediters in Anchorage for shipping, which will be at the client’s expense.  If you wish to take the meat home, you must bring large cooler/s to pack the meat in to transport back to Anchorage for processing or shipping.  We will gladly accept any meat that is not taken.

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