Gear List FAQ

Suggested items to bring:

  • Two complete changes of hunting clothes (see note below).
  • Quality sleeping bag ( -0 Fahrenheit or better).
  • Long underwear and wool socks.
  • Quality hunting boots with vibram soles.
  • Lightweight “pull over your boot” style hip waders.
    Example brand: Hodgman Men’s Gamewade Packable Hip Waders
    (Check with us if you need these, sometimes not necessary).
  • Down or wool vest.
  • Light rain gear, top and bottom.
  • Heavy coat (Check with us if you need this, sometimes not necessary).
  • Hat with ear flaps.
  • Hunting gloves.
  • Comfortable camp shoes.
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Rifle and 2 boxes ammunition.
  • Good back pack (frame or pack capable of carrying personal gear if spike camp is necessary. See note below).
  • Water bottle.
  • Small flashlight or headlamp.
  • Reading material.
  • Suncreen, insect repellent.
  • Binoculars and rangefinder.

Hunting gear note: While quite expensive, Sitka and KUIU brand is what our guides use and recommend as the best.

Backpack note: All of your gear should fit into your frame style backpack.

Please note that we do not sell alcohol, tobacco, or chew at Nabesna. There is a small Lodge/Bar about 15 miles away (Sportsman’s Paradise) that sometimes stocks those products, but we recommend that you get what you need in Anchorage before driving up to Nabesna.

Your guide will have a range finder, spotting scope, binoculars, etc., but you are recommended to bring your own along if you wish. If you own one (or want to rent one), a satellite telephone or the new “in reach” style satellite texting devices would be helpful to bring.

If you require a particular snack food or beverage such as Coke or beer, these may be purchased in Anchorage and brought with you to Nabesna. A 6-pack or so can be taken to camp with you, and the rest left at the main camp which can be flown to you on the next check flight, as weight and space permit.

Certainly you may bring what you want, If possible try and have all your gear fit in your frame pack.What must be considered is that the airplanes we use have limited space and by law the payload weight cannot exceed the maximum allowed amount. Many times there may only be a small window of time to get your camp set up due to weather or daylight, and an additional trip just to haul extra gear may cost a day of your hunt. This is extremely important.

Do I need to bring extra food?
You may bring any extra food you like, but, again, it is at the pilot’s decision how much weight can be loaded into the airplane. We usually pack up fairly hefty camp-food boxes, which include fresh and canned meats and meals, canned fruits and vegetables, breakfast foods, breads and lunch meats, and plenty of snacks such as crackers, cheese, chips, candy, cookies, condiments. Fresh homemade baked goods are also flown out to the camps when possible.