Bear Hunting General Information

Alaska’s Interior Grizzly Bear   Some grizzlies are blond on the shoulders with a brown diamond on the back with dark feet, others are dark brown with silver tips.  These bear average about 6 feet and some can be as large as 9 feet.  When possible, camps are set up where evidence shows a bear has been working.  Glassing is done from a high vantage point and watching for activity does take patience and time, but it’s well worth the effort.  A large caliber rifle is recommended, perhaps a 338 or 375.  In our area, the grizzly population is high enough so that we are allowed to take one every year compared to one every four years in other areas.

In addition to the Wrangell Mountain area, we also have a brown bear and black bear hunting area on the coast of Alaska at Katalla, near Cordova.  These tent-camp hunts consist of rafting down rivers, glassing from high ridges, and some hiking.  There are times when it takes just getting still on a hillside and watching an area for activity; the less moving around the better to keep the scent down.  Brown bear range in size from 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 feet and we have occasionally taken some up to 10 feet.  Black bear are from 5 to 7 feet.  The Katalla area can be sunny and beautiful as can be, or the weather can be brutal with high winds and heavy rains.  Regardless, the country is harsh with thick brush, many with thorns and stickers,  but this is where those big boys live.  This time of year in Alaska there is very little “dark”, so one can hunt as many hours as one can stay awake.

The brown and black bear hunts at Katalla are offered the last two weeks of May.  The grizzly hunts are conducted out of Nabesna during September. 

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