-Questions and Answers-

Q: How many passengers can you carry?

A: We can carry two passengers at once.

Q: How long is the typical flight seeing flight?

A: A 1 hour flight will allow for the most viewing options and least chance for motion sickness.

Q: For a Air Taxi flight, what are the weight restrictions?

A: For a short landing strip is will be one passenger and a medium amount of gear per trip. For some of the longer landing strips two passengers and light gear. The actual weight amount will depend on the configuration the aircraft is currently in, so send us an email at DevilsMoutaninLodge@gmail.com to see what the current weight limits are per trip.

Q: Is there a minimum flight time for a flight seeing trip or Air Taxi flight?

A: Typically the minimum will be 1 hour, however for special situation such as flightseeing or multiple small flights there can be limited exceptions. Let us know the situation and we can try and work something out.

About the aircraft:

The most recent aircraft Kirk Ellis has used for commercial flights in the last 10+ years is his certified PA-18 Supercub.

Sharp eyed viewers may notice that this Piper Supercub looks a little… wider than normal. But do not be alarmed, this is none other than the “Tundra Bird” four place modification by Dave Hendrix and Ron Sullivan from 1977. A certified STC modification SA1588CE. Kirk Ellis is a licensed A&P/AI aircraft mechanic and built the aircraft himself.

Known as simply the “4 place Supercub” the wings, engine, tail section and landing gear is the same as a supercub. Only the fuselage is different. Seating two passengers easily in the back seats, unlike the famously “snug” PA-14 passenger seating.

You may ask, “Two passengers? I thought you said this was a 4 place Supercub!?”

Well, while the plane can seat four, the weight limits for the aircraft is still limited to 1950-2000 lbs. (Also to get insurance for a 3rd seat in a small aircraft is somewhat, cost prohibitive). So we use the area where the 3rd passenger seat would be to secure cargo. It works really well for loading and C.G. calculations due to its location right up front.

Speaking of this types of aircraft, Kirk Ellis and Airframes Alaska work together to build these for people. There are also experimental versions too. As of 2019 there are about four certified “4 Place Supercubs” flying around (three of them built by Kirk Ellis) and five or so experimental versions flying or in the process of being built.

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