The best way to contact us is by Email:

We reply to all customer emails, so if you get no response please try again. There is a chance that your email got caught up in a spam filter. 

Contacting us by our old internet phone system (Skype Message Service did not have Alaska Area codes back when we first set this up):

NOTE: Our main phone answering person Isaac, went deaf this year due to some unknown issue. So he can’t answer the skype number when it rings. But he can call you back on his text conversion application. So make sure to leave a message. And if you get a call from an Alaska area code right after you call us, please answer, it is Isaac calling you back.

Mailing Address:
Devil’s Mountain Lodge, LLC
Mile 42 Nabesna Road
HC 63 Box 1415
Gakona, Alaska

We get mail year round 3 times a week.

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