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End of 2020 Season

We were all able to make it through 2020 without any issues with the covid virus stuff, but the weather was very temperamental this year. Dall Sheep hunting was very, very tough. So the final update is done for the 2020 Season Page, added in the results from the moose season. Had one guided moose hunt and some self guided moose hunters. Conditions for … Read More End of 2020 Season

Mid-August 2020 Status

The theme for the 2020 hunting season seems to be bad weather. The conditions were even messing up our satellite internet service so we were only able to get a website update processed today. Hopefully things will improve soon.

The 2019 hunting season has started.

Check the progress of all the hunters on the 2019 Season Page.

June 24, 2019

We had a bit of a late start but we are ready for the 2019 season to begian. Here are a few of the changes we made to the website: -A new look with more pictures and a reduced number of menus and sub menus. Supposedly it will also be easier to work with using a phone/pad now. -Hunting information is not as spread … Read More June 24, 2019

June 22, 2019

At long last we are able to edit the site again. Sorry for the delay. Isaac will be working on it all day today.

Update to 2017 hunting photos

Added Mr. Steele’s 2017 dall sheep hunt photo.

End of 2017 hunting season.

We finished the last moose hunt up a few days ago. Got 2 pictures up so far. Had some setting wrong for the photo viewer before, the photo page should work better now. All in all it was a good year. Strangely enough the biggest problem this year was probably our internet service and phone. If you had trouble calling please keep trying =) … Read More End of 2017 hunting season.

September 15, 2017

New photos for black bear and moose hunt for 2017 hunting season.

2017 Hunting season update

Our satellite internet provider was reallly slow from June through to the end of August. Was not able to update the website all all during that time. But it seems to be working better now. So here is the progress for 2017 hunting season. Only able to upload one low rez image per hunt, but will upload more pictures as bandwidth allows. Also if … Read More 2017 Hunting season update

Updated prices and info

Added a few more backpacking photos. Added some FAQ for flight info. Updated B&B prices. Condensed down 2010 through 1999 hunting photos. Combined fishing and backpacking pages. Added a few flight seeing photos. Or at least I think they are all photos from the plane, some may just be from mountain ridges =P I don’t think there are any more black pages on the … Read More Updated prices and info

Updated hunting gear list FAQ

We re-wrote some of our hunting gear FAQ information. The main item these days is be mobile and have a have all your gear condensed down to one bag.

Photos for 2016 hunting season

Sorry I was a bit slow getting these uploaded. The Satellite internet service this year has been really slow. There are still two more hunters in the field after bear. Will have the final summery by mid October.See the photos here: 2016 Season Hunting Photos