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Question: How do I get to Nabesna?
Answer: If you use Google Earth, just search for: Devils Mountain Lodge Airport
If you are not a Google Earth user, here is a map. Or you can call us and we can give you directions.
New Nabesna Map

Question: Nabesna looks pretty remote, what is the road like?
Answer: The road to Nabesna is state maintained and partially paved for the first half. The last 20 miles can be rough and contains a few creek crossings, but a car with good clearance usually does not have any issues. 4 wheel drive is recommended, but not always necessary. Call ahead (1-707-400-6848) and we will let you know how the road conditions are doing.

Question: I have a special diet (Vegetarian, vegan, etc.) can you cook special meals?
Answer: Yes we can accommodate anything like that. Just let us know how you would like for us to cook. Let us know as far in advance as possible so we can be prepared.

Question: Your double bed and single bed rooms look very small, what is up with that?
Answer: Because those rooms are just for sleeping, the main lodge upstairs and downstairs are your living areas. While the Ellis family spends most of their time at the main lodge, we do not live there. So the upstairs and dining room area are just for guests.

Question: Do I need to send a deposit?
Answer: No you do not need to send any money ahead of time. You can pay when you arrive. We do not take deposits because there are times when the Nabesna road can wash out entirely. This is a semi rare event during our normal operation times of July through August but it is best to contact us to check road conditions.

Question: Are the bathrooms really in a separate building than the rooms?
Answer: The Chalet (small cabin) has a private bathroom, but the other rooms do not. We have done all we can to make this as convenient as possible by linking the rooms and the bathrooms together using walkways. More information on the building layout and bathrooms can be found here.

Question: Do you take credit cards?
Answer: Yes we can process all major credit cards. No debit cards though.

Question: What about pets?
Answer: We are ok with guests bringing pets as long as they can get along with dogs. There are some dogs here at Nabesna that belong to my aunt and uncle that live next door.

Question: Do you have rooms that allow smoking?
Answer: Sorry but we do not have any rooms that allow smoking. You will have to step outside.

Question: Are there any places to buy alcohol or tobacco products at Nabesna?
Answer: We don’t sell any of those items here at the lodge due to the expensive permits required. We recommend that you buy as much of those items as you need at Anchorage or Glennalen. There is also a small seasonal bar/motel called “The Sportmen’s Paradise” that is located on the Nabesna Road that sells those items.

Question: We have children, is it possible to get a room with more than one bed?
Answer: Let us know and we can probably get something set up for you.

Question: Is there 24 hour power?
Answer: Yes we are on a battery/generator system so power is always available for guests.

Question: Is there water limitations or rations?
Answer: We have a well water system that is speculated to be linked to an underground stream, so we always have water available.

Question: Do you have wifi or internet service?
Answer: Yes we do have wireless internet service. It is pretty slow and they do not allow us to use video streaming services like netflix, but it works ok for everything else.

Question: Do you have fishing hiking options near the lodge?
Answer: Yes there are some hikes and some simple fishing options that do not require a car or aircraft to get to. Let us know what you are interested in and we can see what options there are.

Question: Do you have a packpacking guide we can book for the day?
Answer: Yes, during the summer months we usually have a backpacking guide available.

More FAQ items coming soon.
If you have a question in the meantime, just send us an email at:

B&B Quick Navigation: Lodge Information  –  FAQ  –  Prices 

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