If you are planning a backpacking trip on this side of the Wrangles give us a call/email and we can come up with a plan for you. If you are just looking for day hikes that is fine too, there are a few days worth of hikes right off the Nebesna road.

Backpacking photos (new)

Backpacking Prices

2 Comments on “Backpacking and Fishing

  1. Hello this is the “WebGuy” Isaac Ellis.
    Our backpacking guide took a ton of hiking pictures this year, and as soon as I get back to Nabesna ill start uploading them to this page.
    An odd situation (truck related) resulted in me being stuck in Anchorage for a lot longer than I expected picking up supplies for the winter.
    That will teach me for trying to make a quick trip to the big city =P

    Isaac Ellis

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