End of 2017 hunting season.

We finished the last moose hunt up a few days ago. Got 2 pictures up so far. Had some setting wrong for the photo viewer before, the photo page should work better now.

All in all it was a good year. Strangely enough the biggest problem this year was probably our internet service and phone. If you had trouble calling please keep trying =)

Still rounding up the last photos from the second Dall Sheep hunt at the beginning of the season, should have those up soon. Im set up on a better internet service now.

2017 Hunting season update

Our satellite internet provider was reallly slow from June through to the end of August. Was not able to update the website all all during that time. But it seems to be working better now. So here is the progress for 2017 hunting season.

Only able to upload one low rez image per hunt, but will upload more pictures as bandwidth allows.

Also if you need to call the lodge, 1-707-400-6848 takes a lot of rings before it rings here. So keep letting it ring if no one answers. It takes about 10 rings for each 1 ring here. Also the automated voice message service seems to be stuck on this British sounding person telling you to leave a message. I still get these messages so go ahead and leave a message if no one answers.